Fields of use – Sectors – Main market segments

Fondart has acquired over the years a particular specialisation by providing castings to leader companies in the reference market. Our main market sectors are:

  • Lighting systems: Fondart has a long experience in the production of components of lamps for interior, outdoor and urban desing.
  • Ventilation: Fondart provides castings for air handling systems.
  • Engineering: Production in the mechanical field includes wheels, manifolds, pumps, pulleys, carburators and hubs.
  • Furniture: Several companies rely on Fondart for the realisation of products which meet the needs of this sector like: durability, resistance and aesthetics – feet, legs, bases, shelves and crossbars.
  • Textile: Our production includes pliers, levers and cylinders.
  • Household appliances: Fondart deals with the production of food and no food tools.